Thursday, February 28, 2008

hugs not slugs

in response to the rising level of physical abuse ocurring in my home i have instituted a new program.

it's called, "hugs not slugs" and it goes like this: every time E feels frustrated and wants to hit someone, he should instead give that person a big hug.

simple. genius.

i came up with it in a moment of desperation yesterday afternoon after being socked in the arm for the millionth time. and friends, let me tell you that this is the best idea i have had in decades.

E has been doling out unexpected little hugs all day.

me: "oh! thanks for the hug, E! ...wait, did you feel like hitting me just then?"

E (sweetly, while still embracing my leg, eyes squeezed tightly shut with emotion):
"mmmm, yeah mommy... i just really feel like punching your face."


rents said...

Brilliant, ZM, BRILLIANT! gff

Mollyfa said...

That is hysterical. That should be the rule for all the world.

moooooog35 said...

This is WAY better than my "licks not kicks" idea... this is really starting to get kind of gross.

Thanks for the tip.

Kone said...

I'm going to try that slogan myself. The restraining orders are starting to put a real strain on my social life.

rents said...


Have you tried "Beers not tears"
or maybe, "Wine not whine"

maybe those are better for ZM


Maggie said...



(and I do think rents is on to something with the "wine not whine" thing. I might need to commission cafe press for a bumper sticker.)

Wellbutrin Mom

Gypsy at Heart said...

Very funny. I too am going to say that I think Rent's slogans would make fantastic bumper stickers.

Slicy said...

This sounds somewhat similar to the game I had with my brother call ten times. For each thing that happened to him, it would happen to me 10x worse.

I hit him in the arm, he hits me ten times (or ten times harder, or both). Unfortunately he then thought this game would be even more funny when "accidentally" things started happening. Thus, he falls and hits his stomach, thus, he gets to hit MY stomach ten times. Not sure about the transition from his accident into my pain, but that's just how I grew up... in fear.