Friday, February 8, 2008

just great

sometimes when i say things are great (especially on friday afternoons) i am being sarcastic.

but this time it's actually true!

K just woke up from a 3 hour nap and it is 4:52 .
only 8 minutes left until daddy time.. this is a very good thing.

additionally, E and i have been having a lovely time
this afternoon doing yard work in the sunny, 60 degree weather
as we discuss very important topics like
how cool sophia is and don't you love chinese new year
and wouldn't it be awesome if we could dig a tunnel to china
if only there wasn't all that hot burning lava in the way?

also, i almost lost the bitch,
or at least i forgot about her for a very long time while we were outside
and i thought i was going to have to go on a massive bitch hunt
but when i called for her she came running back!
from two blocks away!

not to mention the fact that movie night at our house tonight
is going to be the bomb since M bought a new projector for work
and we are using it to watch the latest Veggie Tales flick
in low definition enormosize.

all this goodness is enough to make much easier to bear the fact that i am on 2 types of inhalers,oral steroids, an antibiotic and have lost almost all control of my pelvic floor muscles and my voice because of the cough that i've had for the past 6 weeks.

sometimes it just really is a great day.


marymurtz said...

Love the low-res Veggie Tales. Ah, sweet cartoon hypnosis.

And you should have titled this post "The Bitch is Back." (in reference, of course, to the dog...)

rents said...

Wish I was there!!!! gff

daysgoby said...

What is that CRAP that everyone's getting? (here included - I swear my breathing last night sounded like a seventies car)

And the big cartoons? Brilliant.

Gypsy at Heart said...

As to the eternal cold of hte emphysema kind. I'm with you. My doctor says even HE has never seen so many ill people. Like you they've sent me inhalers and antibiotics. What is going on? I do hope you feel better. Still, it sounds like you had a perfect afternoon. 3 hour nap... wow. Wish I could manage a half hour one for my own kid.