Tuesday, February 26, 2008

weeely steenky

while playing monster with K this morning, i pretended to eat his face.

suddenly, he stopped, wrinkled his nose.

"eeeeewwwwww! i smell somefin weeeely steeenky!"

i didn't want to ask.

"eeeeeww, mommy! it's comin fwom your MOUF!"


ZOLOFT MOM said...

wow, ZM! this is so surprising because normally your breath is so yummy!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

yeah! i love your breath! it's the best!

oh, i also wanted to say that your blog rules!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

i totally agree with the above comments... so true, so true. your blog has been rocking these days and i looooooove reading it every day!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

please post pics of yourself! i hear you are hot, hot, hot!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

right on!

i've seen zm and i can tell you for sure.. she is smokin'!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

zm, i don't care if you're hot or not. it's what's on the inside that really matters. and i can tell from your beautiful posts that you are an amazing person.

you inspire me.

Anonymous said...

You are truly going nuts! I am not a doctor but i play one at home!


claire f.s. said...

That's one sexy bitch.