Saturday, February 16, 2008

cabin fever, crazy mommy

i should have posted yesterday but i was cooped up in the house once again.

E was very sick, passed out most of the day on the couch with a fever. K was only partially sick, which meant he didn't really want to play with any silly old game or toy, but he might think it was fun to poke his sleeping brother in the face or yank on the dog's tail if i wasn't paying enough attention to him.

i was trying to be the kind, selfless mommy who is unfazed by her needy children but most of the day felt like they were sucking my will to live.

(you want chicken noodle soup? ok, i'll make you some.

what? you're not in the mood for soup anymore?

yes, mommy can make you a sandwich instead.

all right, i guess i can hold up your head while you take a bite...

oh, look.. you spit your bite out into my hand. that's cool.

no problem, i'll just put that over here...

what's that? you need a tissue?

for that snot that is hanging off your top lip?

sure, i'll get that for you.

wait! i said i'd get it for you! please don't wipe your boogers on the couch!

oh dear..

what's that smell? do you need to go potty?

you think you're going to have diarrhea?!

and you don't think you can walk to the bathroom so you need me to carry you?

okay.. yes i'll help you with your underpants...

oh, uhh... that's fine that you pooped a little bit on mommy's hand.

i'll just wash it off...

no, i can't hold your head up while i'm washing my hands...)

when M got home at 5 o'clock i had a serious case of Crazy Mommy Syndrome that could only be remedied by handing over the children, pouring myself a stiff drink and escaping to my happy place for the remainder of the evening.


Gypsy at Heart said...

You're a saint. I'm getting tired of telling me how much you make me laugh. Let's just pretend that I say that to your every post for the next thousand times you post ok?

I'm sorry your day was bad. I know what that's like. I've got a happy place too. It is where I go to get my mani/pedis. Best therapy ever.

marymurtz said...

You need a vacation and some gin.

Anonymous said...

You need a Mommy time out.

I also love your blog its so refreshing to know that another mom has the same issues.

Cheers to your happy place and stiff drinks.