Saturday, February 9, 2008

more powitix

it's a good night for all of us on the campaign front.

both the obama and huckabee camps are happy, or so you might think.

K, never one to be predictable, decided to mix things up a bit as i scoured the internet for primary results. we were on one of those sites that has the week in pictures and were checking out the slideshow when mitt romney's face popped up.

K: " who dat, mommy?"

me: "that's mitt romney, honey."

K: "oh, yeah..... i wuv him. i wuv dat guy."

(here we go again.)

me: "oh yeah? what do you love about mitt romney, K?"

K: "i wuv him becuz he is smiling at me all da time when i am sweeping in my cwib."

smiling romney dreams?

playdates with huckabee?

just you watch,
next i'll discover that he's been secretly meeting john mccain
for some clandestine tree climbing
followed by shared PB&J's and fingerpainting with ron paul.


claire f.s. said...

Just hope that he is referring to a dream because if Mitt Romney is actually smiling at k in his "cwib", I'd say you have a problem.

el said...

buy the kid a hummer and get it over with. he's a lost cause.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Oh God, just when I think you can't top the previous laugh you've given me, you do. I love the way K speaks. What will we ever do when he grows out of that adorable accent?

Leendaluu said...

arrrgh. Those are scary dreams...of a young Republican. Right now I'm pouting with Hillary in a corner.