Saturday, February 23, 2008

quick update.

here's one for all those post-hungry grandmas and grandpas out there.

we've been hanging out, hunkering down all day as we prepare for what was supposed to be a big doozy of a storm today.

i went outside with the kids in the morning while M slept in and let them kick each other's asses for an hour or so, hoping to get their crazies out before the rain came.

it didn't work, and so they continued the pummeling, biting, sword fighting and screaming all day, much to my delight. what's up with all the fighting these days? i'm telling myself it's sickness, tiredness and cooped-upness all coming together to create the perfect storm of bad attitude.

now it's 11 and the (rain) storm still isn't here. the news says it's going to hit tomorrow, right when M has to go to work.

stir crazy kids, big thunderstorm, single parenting...

should be another peaceful sunday.


rents said...

sooo.....did the storm ever hit?? Or were you simply left with the perfect battle storm of your two miniature militants????? gff

Kone said...

I say leave them in the back yard and just let them get struck by lightning. That should take the crazies right out of them.

Jerseygirl89 said...

It's like an instinct with boys - Lovebug tackles and punches and hit - and he's never even been around or seen any of that!

Gypsy at Heart said...

Oh dear! Poor you! Good luck. I'll check in to see how you survived the in-house storm tomorrow.