Wednesday, February 6, 2008


funny? horrible? disturbing?
sometimes i just can't tell anymore.
please help.


rents said...

to mom:
I like your poo.


I like your poo too mom.

anyway,i'm sure you have nice poo.

Gypsy at Heart said...

As always. I laugh and laugh. He is quite the artist. I hope you are saving these. Better yet, collect them all and send them to me. I will turn it into something artistically inclined. Nothing poo about it.

moooooog35 said...

What? No pictures of poo to go with this? How do we know he's not right?

Ross said...

I would imagine that's a pretty standard Valentine's Day sentiment for the age-5 set, and oddly, one that you never really see on those little heart shaped candies. Personally, I think it's a pretty nice compliment.

claire f.s. said...

I hope your doctor likes your poo too because he'll probably be covered in it by this time next week.

(you know what I am talking about)