Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day pukefest

the cookies had been baked and were ready for frosting.

hearts had been strung around the kitchen and the house was as clean as i could get it in preparation for the next morning's party (read: counters were wiped, no pubes on toilet seat).

i had even made goodie bags. no joke.

E's valentines, finished for a week now, were resting nicely in his backpack, ready to be carried off to the kindergarten valentine's day crazy-fest of the upcoming day.

we were ready, damnit.
my shit was officially together.

which is precisely why, at approximately 2 a.m. i awoke to the whimpering, feverish cries of my five year old son in the next room. and it is also why, a few hours later, his brother puked all over my kitchen floor and the feet of his pajamas.

because that's just how it goes around here sometimes.

truthfully, it's kind of nice, i guess.

i mean, if i can get past all the whining, runny noses and the smell of vomit, i've got a free ticket to sitting on my ass all day, watching television in a clean house with a big plate of cookies all to myself!

things could be worse.

so, here's wishing you a happy (really) valentine's day whatever comes your way from us over here at germ central.


rents said...

Oh no! My babies!
What kind of cookies?

love from gramma french fry

el said...

ugh. we had the same thing this weekend! hope you didn't catch it from us!!!

Gypsy at Heart said...

I second Rents. Oh no! Your babies!
What kind of cookies?

Love from the gypsy stir fry

Mrs. G. said...

Oh poor babes. I hope everyone feels like eating cookies soon!

Mollyfa said...

I stumbled onto your blog for the first time today, and it's very funny. I totally relate to the upside of having an excuse of a sick child. How sick is that? My kid will be miserable with a fever, and I'm like "woo hoo, I have to stay home".

Ryter said...

Heh...stumbled upon your blog myself. Mine are a bit older and can truly abscribe to the 'are not allowed to get sick on days when Mom has to work' credo. I am a part time Teacher so they probably got it from school anyway. We like to share Sad, I know.