Tuesday, December 18, 2007

baked potato jesus

look here!
it's potato jesus!

the children went to sunday school and came back with
their own baby jesus child,
fashioned out of a potato.
it was great!
they loved and hugged and cradled their baby,
they made beds for the little jesus
and tucked him in for the night.
it was so tender.

but now E has the grater out
and he has the idea that we should
peel and shred our baby jesus...

... and make him into potato latkes.


Scott Ray Randall said...

E could poke all of baby Jesus' eyes out with a pencil first. Get it... eyes... it's a potato joke.

moooooog35 said...

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" than a Jesus grown in the dirt of Idaho.

You should sell it on Ebay.

The resemblance is stunning.

Ross said...

Next time I see E I'll show him how he can make an Anakin Private Parts doll out of a banana and two grapes.