Saturday, December 8, 2007

to my adoring public

let's get one thing straight.

i am ZOLOFT MOM. do we need to go over this? i am not "have all my shit together mom" or "i have lots of free time mom". so when i go a few days without posting this is usually because the shit (sometimes literal, sometimes figurative) has hit the fan in my house.

it also should be said, for those of you who don't really know me, that despite the fact that i am a zoloft mom i also have to be a "throw a lot of parties mom". (this is just part of my trophy wife job description.) these parties make me freak out and get really stressed, even though i love them after all is said and done. so during those times of insanity i also do not blog.

never fear, i will always return. there is just too much crazy shit that goes on in my life for me to stay quiet for very long.

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el said...

oh phew. i was wondering where the hell you were.