Monday, December 10, 2007

my latest craze

i have no time to blog because i have become a serious addict.

i am addicted, ADDICTED.

to what? you say. to craigslist and etsy, i say.

it all started with my family, who drew names and then decided the gift should cost no more than $30 and must be used. this thus renewed my obsession with the list of craig.

and in and effort to be a bit greener in my gift giving this year i took myself to an indie craft fair that was being held in my fair city a few weeks ago. i discovered that all the hipster craft girls list their stuff on etsy and so i checked it out... and have been checking it out with every single spare minute of my time since!

i have been sucked in! they are eating my brain!
you can find anything there! it's the greatest!
i spend hours!

(go there and check it out, if you must. but be warned, there is no turning back.)

the children are getting impatient with me. they liked having a mother who would talk with them sometimes and occasionally prepare them meals. they don't really know what to do with their computer zombie mommy who shoves bowls of cheerios in front of them and selects "continuous play" on the blues clues dvd.

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Anonymous said...

OK B!%@# !!! I know you didn't twist my arm and force me to click on the link, even though you DID put it in there TWICE. I thought FOR SURE I could just peek and see what you were talking about - I've GOTTA be stronger than that, right?!?!? I HAVE DIAL-UP!!! Do you know how frustrating that is!?!? This addiction of YOURS is going to take 65X's longer for ME. THANKS! :oP Like I don't have enough to do on my computer already (like checking yours and moooog's blog for new posts every 5 minutes - not kidding). I gotta go... I think just finished the way, be on the lookout for my new revised Christmas list... -Amy