Tuesday, December 11, 2007

playdate fun

this time the phone convo was with my brother.

it was tricky, since at the same time E was having a playdate (i know, i know. i said i'd never do it again but then i did) with justin. in a desperate attempt to have a little adult chatting, i had shut the boys in E's room with strict instructions to play quietly and nicely.

all was going well until i suddenly realized that it was very quiet, perhaps too quiet in the play room.

i stood outside the door straining to hear a clue of what was happening inside.


i debated whether i should take a peek. i listened again.


that's it. i was going in.

i burst through the door to find justin quietly rifling through the various treasure chests (read: boxes of junk) E keeps on top of his dresser. he looked slightly bored as he examined the assorted pieces of rock, old coins, crumpled up paper and forgotten art projects stored inside.

phew. that was harmless. i breathed a sigh of relief as i turned to look for E.

just then my eyes spotted an abandoned pair of undies on the floor.

oh shit.

i looked to my left and there encountered my son, sans pants and underpants, attempting to wiggle his little, naked frame into a pair of black tights.

"E! what are you doing?!" i worked to keep my voice calm.

he looked up, eyes innocent and wide.

"we're playing star wars, mommy."

oh, duh. i should have known. because that was soooooo obvious.

"um E, that's great. but remember that when you are having a play date you should always keep your underpants on. that's just a rule."

he gazed up at me with those sweet blue eyes again and said,

"but i had to take my underwear off, mommy."

did i dare ask?

"uh... why, E?"

"because, mommy...

... i'm dressing up as Annakin Private Parts."


um...is that annakin skywalker's brother or something?

i really need to brush up on my star wars knowledge...

(note: no picture included with this post for obvious reasons)


suchsimplepleasures said...

i don't get how it is that there was not one single comment. clearly, this was a hilarious post...in dire need of praise.
it so sounds like my 4 year old...he'd be anyones private parts, at this stage in his life.
oy help!

el said...

it's beginning over here, too. this was the conversation this morning.

O, age 4 (to his little sister): "E, do you know what's in my underwear??"

E: silence

O: "In the front it's my PENIS, and in the back it's my BUTT." (this is complete with a demonstration)

And then: "Mommy, I'm just showing E my penis and my butt."