Sunday, December 9, 2007

just another sunday morning

i had all the clues. i just ignored them.

sleeping in until 7:00, pale skin, whiny boy, feeling cold despite four layers of clothes...

i saw it all but i still had to push it. so i loaded the kids into the car to drive M to work.

i heard K hiccuping in the back seat and felt nervous but brushed my fears aside. what could happen in a 5 minute car ride?

duh. (how long have i been a mother?)

i'll tell you what can happen.

puke can happen.

stinky cheerio puke all over the four layers of clothes, on the car seat and in the cracks of the car seat, spilling to the upholstery below, in his hair and on his shoes... that's what can happen.

now if someone would just tell me, please, how to clean it all up.


'rents' said...

ohhhhh. Poor buddy and poor mom. I wish I could be there to help pick up puke! gff

'rents' said...

Pour water on the mess and hit it with the shop vac?

Scott Ray Randall said...

I feel for you, that's no fun. When it happened to Livvy we threw her and the carseat into the bathtub and hosed 'em down.

Dave said...

some gasoline, a match, and a good insurance policy?

Kone said...

Why clean it? He'll just do it again later.

Anonymous said...

You guys were missed on Sunday!


Jerseygirl89 said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. We were lucky enough to be able to take the car seat cover off and wash it. Then we hosed down the rest of the seat.