Thursday, December 20, 2007

satellite blog

in an effort to expedite the purchase of my new computer, i threw my old one to the floor today.

no, that's just a lie.

really what happened is i accidentally dropped my computer when i was cleaning the kitchen after dinner. so i guess it's all fucked for real now.

thus i am blogging to you from a satellite location (M's computer) at present. i had to wait for him to be done working and now it's late so the funnies will have to wait until tomorrow.

you shouldn't be reading this blog anyway! don't you have holiday shopping to do or something?


Anonymous said...

So did you get a new computer?? I am guesing no! Hope you are waiting to post so we build an appetite for your Holiday madness stories!


el said...

so did santa bring e a dog?

do blog.