Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i'm back, ya'all!

in the end, M got a new computer and i got his old one but i'm deciding not to care. hey, it works, right? i'm going to work very hard at not dropping this one on the floor so you and i can have one of them every day kind of relationships again.

so much has happened since we last chatted. did you have a nice holiday? we certainly did. did you eat too many cookies and sweets? yeah, me too.

but as i write tonight it's very, very late and i still have to figure out how to download my pics onto this computer. i will try to post tomorrow!

until then..


Scott Ray Randall said...

12 days of holiday vacation - 12 days spent with family. It was fun here and there, but I'm glad to be back at work.

How was the New Years Party?

ross said...

good to see you're back in bidness.