Wednesday, January 23, 2008

injustice continued

the fun's not over, folks. not yet, at least.

E stayed home sick from school today. his tonsils are so swollen that one is stuck to his uvula and the other has a horrible white blister on it. gross, huh?

yours truly had to head back to the doctor today, as my "symptoms" have not fully resolved. the applesauce diet is getting kind of old, as you might imagine. i could really go for a cheeseburger.

K, who really is fine, has decided he would like to be sick like the rest of us as it seems like a great way to get out of anything he does not want to do. as in,

"noooooo, i can't go to bed cuz i sick."

he's also found that it is a great excuse for naughty behavior:

"mommy, i kick da doggie cuz i sick."

oh yeah? well, mommy forgot to make your dinner because i'm sick. and i can't change your poopy diaper either!

soooooo....we're a fun bunch.

want to come over for a playdate?


daysgoby said...

Oh, sounds awful. Get better soon!

claire f.s. said...

ZM- You're a poor little sweetheart, but apparently you've really pissed off some sort of voodoo witch!