Thursday, January 31, 2008

two year old politics

K and i were riding in the car and listening to NPR.

i was absorbed in the political talk, as i have been for the past few weeks and K was quiet, listening, looking out the window, picking his toe jam, etc.

talk on the radio turned to barack obama, a name with which my son is quite familiar.

K: "hey! mommy! they talking bout barack obama!"

my heart swelled with pride at the sound of my sweet boy so adept at pronouncing the name.

me:"that's right, K!"

K: "i wike him." (nodding) "i wike barack obama. he's good."

i had to agree.

he was quiet again for a few more moments as we both listened to the broadcast.

and then,

K: "but i going to ask for mike huckabee."

what?! ( i assumed he meant "vote for" him.) where was this from?

me: "mike huckabee?"

K: " yep. i wike mike huckabee. he's nice."

me (curious): "what do you like about him, K?"

K: " i wike him becuz when he come to my house he will say, 'hey! K! you want to pway wif me?' wike dat. and i will say, 'okay!'"


what can you say to that logic?

but that still doesn't explain how he learned about mike huckabee in the first place.


perhaps grandma has been talking a bit of politics with the grandchildren these days?


Ross said...

I think you should send a chain email to Grandma detailing how Mike Huckabee is really a Muslim, and when he took his oath of office as governor of Arkansas, he swore in with his hand on the KORAN instead of the BIBLE! Also, that he's soliciting three-year-olds for "play time".

Anonymous said...

oh wait
I'm not sure if Ross has it right.
Ole Huckleberry is promising to come and Pray with K. At school.


Kone said...

Sounds like a dutch boy to me. You should probably start saving for college now. Calvin is expensive.

el said...

Good thing he doesn't get to vote!

el said...

you know, it's amazing to me how many Americans never study the issues and just go by name recognition. i think this is a case in point. tell K to read up and stop letting others sway his opinions.

Beck said...

I hope this doesn't offend-- but it is my greatest fear that I will breed republicans. I always used to watch the show Family Ties and I would feel so sorry for Stephen and Elise having created and birthed Michael Keaton...