Wednesday, January 30, 2008

young love

E came home very excited from school yesterday and declared to me with a look of satisfaction on his face,

"mommy! i figured out who i'm going to marry!"

i had an idea who he had chosen for his bride. there is a little girl in his class who he absolutely adores and talks about incessantly each day after school. but i know this is a very exciting discovery to make, even for a five year old. and so i decided to ask him anyway, just so he could have the pleasure of telling me.

"that's great, E! who is it?"

the answer was just as i expected,

"it's sophia, mommy. i'm going to marry her because i love her."

how sweet.

i replied with what i felt was the next logical question,

"oh, E. that's so nice. and does she want to marry you, too?"

E stopped.

the smile disappeared as a troubled look came over his face.



is that how it works, mommy?"


claire f.s. said...

oooooh, that's so cute.

I can't say that I blame E. I've seen Sophia and she is kind of hot for a kindergartener (I liked her ratty hair).

As for the whole "mutual" love thing, that's just p.c. mumbo jumbo. I just beat my man into submission with a rolling pin. By the end, he would have said or done anything to make the pain stop.

nate said...

hmmmm...your son is quite mature. i think i was in 2nd grade when i first fell in love. charlene. she had red hair and glasses. i still love red hair and glasses. so...

...if claire is dead on in her estimation, i think E forever goes for hot girls with ratty hair.

(not need for me to get fired from my radio show)

btw...i'm erin's friend from here in chicago. she's been bragging on your for some time. makes me think her first crush was on a nurse.

Jerseygirl89 said...

That's SO adorable. My 3 year old likes a particular boy in her class, but she still intends to marry Daddy. I guess that's the difference between preschool and kindergarten.