Sunday, January 27, 2008

14 straight hours of children

sick with snotty noses.
daddy off to work.
when will i shower?

stuck inside the house because it was raining,
no where to go.
television zombies,
toys everywhere.
someone, please pour me a drink.

short afternoon nap,
temper tantrums at grandma's house.
sugar rush,
no sleep on the car ride home.
i am ready to scream.

10 p.m.
sitting for the first time all day.
brain mush,
no energy for blogging.
where do i turn in my resignation?


Jen said...

This is absolutely brilliant. How you can keep the meter straight after having gone through that is amazing! *grin* And thanks for stopping by my blog!

rents said...

leave the kids at home.
with dad.
i'm not a poet
just your mom....
don't resign,
keep up the whine
it makes me laugh,
(how insensitive is that?)
I love you, girl! mom

daysgoby said...

This IS brilliant. And my life!

And today was a snow day (sob, sob)

Gypsy at Heart said...

Agree with Jen and daysgoby. Simply brilliant. Your mother (this is for you if your read it rents) should also be blogging. Lately, reading you via the clicking of my spastic finger has become a compulsion. Love the antics your kids get up to, love your writing. LOVE your blog.