Monday, January 28, 2008

oh shit! i got tagged!


do you even know what this is?

well (how to say so you will understand?).. in the blogosphere there is such a thing as a meme. it's like a topic for a blog post, or something like that. and it gets passed from one blogger to another in the form of a tag. as in one person gets tagged with the meme, blogs about that particular topic and then tags some other bloggers to do the same. make sense?

so i got tagged today.

i have been dreading this day.

i am not a real blogger! i don't get awards. i don't advertise. i don't even make my blog look pretty. isn't it obvious that i'm just too frazzled for anything else?!?!?!

but now someone very nice has tagged me.

and because absolutely nothing interesting happened to me today (except K dressing up like a dancing girl, E throwing more fits and my doctor's office calling to schedule me for a sigmoidoscopy) and since i was already wondering what to blog about, i will do this silly thing they call "meme".

how long have you been blogging?

since august of last year. to know exactly how long i have blogging would require me to know today's date and i'm afraid i don't. (seriously.. what month is it?)

what inspired you to start your blog and who are your mentors?

i was inspired to start my blog on the evening my two year old son pooed on the bathroom floor and then had diarrhea in the tub while taking a bath.

my mentors are charles shaw and captain morgan.

are you trying to make money on line or are you just doing it for fun?

believe me. i am making no money.
look at this blog! does it look like i do anything with it at all? (please see above)
i suppose i'd love to make some cash if i could but that would require a lot more work and quite frankly, i just don't have the energy.

what 3 things do you love about being on line?

1. etsy
2. ebay
3. porn

what 3 things do you struggle with on line?

1. etsy
2. ebay
3. porn

well, that's it folks. i guess that wasn't so bad. do you feel like you know me better now?

much thanks to gypsy at heart at the leaping thought for calling me out of my comfort zone. i guess i won't kick your ass just yet.

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rents said...

um- about the "porn" - it would be helpful if you would include a link. Just so we could better understand you know