Saturday, January 12, 2008

vacation antics and bread wads

i know how you all get so i just thought i'd warn you. the kids are at their grandparents for the night and so i will not be blogging about their antics.

instead, i will be up to my own antics, if you know what i mean.

here's a little story for you to enjoy during my break.

during the hour long car ride to get to their house, K, who was in desperate need of a nap, had shoved a piece of his cheese sandwich up his nose in an effort to resist having to sleep in his carseat.

have you ever tried to teach a two year old to blow his nose? it's impossible.

every time i would tell him to blow he would instead do a big SNORT and i would see the bread wad inch a little further up toward his brain.

(mind you,i was trying to do this while wedged between two carseats as we maneuvered afternoon traffic on the interstate.)

he also doesn't know how to pick his nose (and i wasn't going to let E do it, even though he offered) so i had to leave him with his grandparents all bread clogged.

let grandma handle it.

i'm on vacation.


Marymurtz said...

This made me laugh out loud! Love this blog. more to subscribe to!

Leendaluu said...

Oh so funny. It reminds me of a story about my now 19-year old when he was three. It was his birthday this weekend and I wasn't sure how to honor it...I do believe you have given me fodder.