Thursday, January 10, 2008

two year old drama

as is typical for children his age, K loves to throw a fit when things do not go his way.

if he does not get exactly what he wants (ie: four pieces of bacon for dinner, unlimited television viewing, to be allowed to beat his older brother on the head with a drumstick... you know, rational things) he throws back his head and lets out the most annoying (100% fake) wail.


which is followed by an almost immediate release of large amounts of snot and drool from his nose and mouth. it's very dramatic.

sometimes, when he's really pissed ( at me) and wants to add a little extra dig to the tantrum he will yell,



which just totally ticks me off.

but today he went for a different approach.

when he fell out of the backseat of the car onto the pavement after engaging in a pushing match with his brother he yelled,




Kone said...

I find that pancakes are ALWAYS a suitable substitute for a man.

Dave said...

I've been looking for a new phrase to yell in times of celebration or frustration. "I WANT SOME PAAANCAAAKES" works really well. I think your son is a genius.

And Kone - does a pancake open a jar of pickles?! No. Case closed.

Immoral Matriarch said...


That's classic!

Holy Shit We are Getting Hitched said...

Pancakes are a powerful substance, for sure. I prefer them over men quite often :)

Leendaluu said...

heheheheeeee That reminds me when my current 19 year old was screaming at me from his carseat.....DUM! MAMA!..............GRAVY!

ross said...

Imagine what that kid would do for an M&M pancake!