Sunday, January 13, 2008

i need a drink.

the children have returned.

the wad of bread is gone, sneezed onto a shirt.

all that remains is two tired children in horrible moods.

vacation is suddenly, sadly, definitely over.


claire f.s. said...

Make that two drinks.

My toddler has returned from grandma's house as well; screaming her snotty little face off because her sugar fueled, time-out-free adventure has come to an end.

I know how she feels. My champagne fueled, Dora free adventure is over too. bummer.

zoloftmom said...

to my dearest claire,

it's a date, then. my house at naptime. you bring the tequila. i'll supply the vodka. don't worry about glasses, we'll drink it straight out of the bottle. Peaches, will you be joining us?


Petula Wright said...

Oh no... poor thing. I'll drink with you. The way you teach a 2 year old to blow his nose is to do it early! :) It must be a boy thing though because my 4-year-old son still can't, but my 2-year-old daughter mastered blowing more than a year ago. (She'll be 3 in a couple of weeks.)

Take care...

claire f.s. said...

Darling ZM,

don't you know by now that I don't ever use a glass?

I am in a damn hurry. I can't be bothered with these sort of unnecessary "accessories".

Yes Peaches, do tell, will you be joining us?