Monday, January 7, 2008

santa comes through (aka: what have we done?)

here she is, folks:

her name is ebony (after deciding against other names like homer, louie and K's favorite: hatchett) but she will henceforth be referred to in this blog as "the bitch"*. isn't she a cutie?

there were doubts right up until the very end. both E and K were very troubled at the fact that our home does not have a fireplace or chimney and wondered how exactly santa was going to get in.

K decided (all by himself in his little two year old brain) that,

"we got to buy a chimney and fix it wif wood and nail it and hammer it and fix it and den santa can do for it!"

which he announced to everyone we met on christmas eve day.

E, on the other hand, carefully assessed our house and its various entrypoints

he concluded, after much deliberation, that while the whole house fan seemed to be the largest opening in our ceiling, santa might get caught up in its slats. santa, being the practical man that E knew him to be would instead squeeze through the vents in our roof and shimmy down my oven vent. (this logic makes perfect sense if you are five. )

so the cookies were laid out and sometime in the night, by whatever portal he deemed best, the old man got in and left us exactly what we had been hoping for. a brand new bitch.

and now there's one more five year old who believes in santa.

and a mommy who is picking up even more poop in a day.

all because of a little temper tantrum back in november.

*much thanks to my fabulous neighbor claire for this suggestion. claire, you're brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Cutie???'m gonna have to agree with K on this one - Hatchett is a perfect name (I'm sure she's got a great personality). Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership! -Amy ;o)

claire said...

Naturally, I am very pleased that you have finally acknowledged my brilliance.

... Likewise, I am sure.