Wednesday, December 5, 2007

playdate hell

woooo weeee!

we just got done with one of the worst playdates ...ever!

i got sprayed in the face with a hose, K yanked his little friend by the hair and his buddy almost pushed him off the porch. E and his friend were beating each other with light sabers and ended their time together slapping one another on the face and hurling legos at each other! and don't even get me started about the crazy tantrum that went down as everyone was leaving!

i hate playdates! they suck!

no more socialization for us. just reading our books on the couch. that's it.


'rents' said...

Elijah says...
We had the BEST playdate today! My friend and I beat each other up with light sabers and threw legos at each other! It was great! I can't WAIT for my next playdate!

Kone said...

Boys are AWESOME.
P.S. I'm never having kids.
Sorry mom.

Scott Ray Randall said...

Who on earth could Elijah possibly have been playing with?? [sarcasm]

I hope Liz and I have a boy next, because, honestly, that sounds like fun to me. Then again, I'm a bad influence. That's what everyone tells me, anyhow.