Wednesday, December 12, 2007

where's the love, ya'll?

so i get no comments on my last post? not even one?

maybe you thought i said E was dressing up as annakin's private parts and so this is the equivalent of an awkward pause in blog world.


just thought i'd be kind and let you know that i have no post for you this evening as once again my presence was requested at a party. what a socialite trophy wife i am these days!

if you care, i should be back on the blogging saddle tomorrow. although i am a bit bored with my fodder these days. maybe i'll just go on hiatus. we'll see.

perhaps if i received lots and lots of juicy, slurpy comments from you i would feel inspired once again...


'rents' said...

I like boring stuff too so don't let the lack of juicy stuff slow you down. I had heard about the Anakin thing already on the phone. It did take a second reading to see if E was planning to play "Anakin Private Parts" or if he wanted to play WITH Anakin's private parts. There's a big difference you know.

'rents' said...

S L U R P! gff

moooooog35 said...

I think everyone is on holiday...I'm seeing the same thing on my blog, even though it's as hilarious as ever.

People suck.

..and I'm not quite sure why, but the "juicy, slurpy" thing's got me all hot and bothered.

..yeah..doesn't take much.

Anonymous said...

I didnt post anything because i couldnt come up with anything witty, AT ALL. Much like this post!


el said...

there's really not much to be said after "Anakin Private Parts" so i think that's where the issue lies.

Linda said...

Don't stop posting, ZM! The "0 comment" incidents happen only when the post is simply too fabulous for anyone else's words. Or when the posts suck.. but that wouldn't happen to you.