Tuesday, March 18, 2008

damn slide

this is the building
with the too steep steps
that the boys went up,
and the too steep slide
that E went down
but that scared the shit out out of K.

these are the steps
that i had to climb
to get to the boy
frozen at the top
of the too steep slide
that we both went down
much too fast
and sprained the shit out of my knee.


rents said...

You definitely have a future in poetry. Are you able to walk? Do I need to fly out there? gff

Kone said...

It still looks like a really fun slide.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to be pampered you should have just asked and you could have avoided all this pain!


marymurtz said...

Your best blog entry yet. I peed a little from laughing, and it was almost worth it!