Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why i go crazy

me: "K, do you want milk or water with your lunch?"

K: "i want juice."

me: "no, do you want milk or water?"

K: "juice."

me (getting irritated but trying to remain calm): " we don't have juice. milk or water?!?"

K: "juice"

me: "ok, i'm going to pour you some milk"

K: " water."

me: "ok, here's your water"



marymurtz said...

No wonder my daughter is so tired. She drives cross country every day to live at your house then comes home in the evening to be that same kid in our house. I swear, we have that same conversation, word for word, every night at dinner.

maggie, dammit said...

No, me too, me too! EXACT SAME CONVERSATION. Wow.

ZOLOFT MOM said...

Ladies. It's like therapy for me just knowing I'm not alone in the madness. :)

el said...

huh. i had this conversation with my two year old today, too, even though we never have juice in the house. (i'm not against juice, i just don't want this fight every damn day.)

'rents' said...

I know what you mean - our daughter was the same way when she was little.
She is much better now

gabesmommy said...

Wow i swear you guys all live at my house!