Monday, March 24, 2008

still stuck on the couch

knee is not better.

am pissed at M.

the dog just bit K.

house a mess around me.

no creative juices.

too fed up to post, anyway.


Anonymous said...

So i bet the Easter Egg hunt was pretty easy for the kids! Search within moms reach on the couch! Well i hope you get better soon, let me know if you want me to help you with the boys and give you a break!


claire f.s. said...

That's a total bummer.

Listen, I know your mobility is limited but I would make an effort to gingerly shift around a bit every half hour or so....

After all, we don't want your butt to start growing around the couch! That would be rather embarrassing.

(read: toilet seat lady joke)

Ross said...

hang in there, girly.

Kone said...

dude. whatever.
that was a boring ass post.
SUCK IT UP and get it together.