Tuesday, March 4, 2008

smell this

on sunday night i awoke to the sound of K (previously asleep next to me in bed) puking on my chest.

it was an isolated incident but even so, i did not get much in the way of sleep for the rest of the night.

yesterday was M's day off but i mostly dealt with a whiny, half-sick toddler at home while M bopped around on the errands we had planned to do together.

today M left early to go out of town for a meeting.

i just caught E trying to force K to smell his dirty underpants.

i am too tired to know what to do.


Anonymous said...

1) Park car in Garage Running
2) Step into Garage
3) Close door tightly
4) Pour glass of wine and enjoy!

**Warning you might get sleepy!


marymurtz said...

I had something clever until I read Rich's comment, which wins.

rents said...

I wonder if you know any really together moms from E's school who really has it all together. Maybe you could suggest a play date and then mention that you will need to "just run off for a little while while the kids play".

rents said...

I'm not suggesting that you actually abandon them there. You will actually need to go get them later.
I just wanted to clear that up

Maggie, dammit said...


Now I got nothin', either.

Anonymous said...

I hope she didnt take my advice!!!! I havent seen a post today! DAMMIT, I was just kidding!!!


ZOLOFT MOM said...

i took rich's advice, but since we don't really have a garage, just a driveway, all i got was some funny looks from passers-by. (why is that woman sitting in the front seat of her car, drinking wine and ignoring her children pounding on the windshield?)

Jerseygirl89 said...

oh my, I'm so sorry. How about you have the wine without the running car?

Baby Island said...

Ok, I am still pretty sure I love you. Is this Blogstalking? Anyway, yes, hit the wine, screw wasting gas and just walk away. Really, lock them inside and sneak away with your wine.

I get as far as my front porch before some screaming but it's still muffled and it feels good..

Isn't that a toddler mindset? It FEELS GOOD.


Slicy said...

Actually, I think a much easier solution is just to...

1. Turn off the car.
2. Open the wine
3. Pour into 2 sippy cups
4. Put the sleepy kids to bed at 4pm
5. Finish off the bottle
6. Screw M's brains out when he get's home
7. Goto store in morning for more wine.