Thursday, March 20, 2008


i'm trying not to take personally the order in which hugs were doled out tonight after the kids returned from grandma's.

it went something like this.

1. hug the dog
2. go next door to the neighbors' house, hug their baby
3. hug daddy (of course)

(brief interlude of picking up sticks, waving them at the dog, dressing up like a night in shining armor, etc. etc.)

4. hug mommy


marymurtz said...

I try not to take it personally, either. They're comfortable with us moms. We're like sofas.

A LOT like sofas.

Overstuffed sofas.


I need to call Weight Watchers.

maggie, dammit said...


Truer words were never spoken.

Kone said...

Betcha you were the first one E hugged.

Gypsy at Heart said...

It is just as you describe. They are ungrateful little wretches. After all the toiling we do on their behalf they put us last in line. I don't care though. Mommy is the word that is always foremost on my son's lips no matter how many people he hugs before he finally gets to me. The end all be all. That is who we are. Stands to reason that we should get saved for last.

Karen MEG said...

OMG, this is such a cute shot!

At least you got a hug!

Happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

My father, who fought in WWII, said that when men are dying in battle they call out for their mothers 100% of the time. Remember that.