Friday, March 14, 2008


i guess this is what i get for offering my blog for review to a site whose url is

a while i found "ask and you shall receive" and thought they were a trip. so on a whim (and a glass of wine) i submitted my blog for some constructive criticism.

when my buzz wore off and i realized what i had done i got a bit nervous.

and when i started to realize how much they hate the mom blog i got a little terrified.

so today is the day that i found out what they actually think. and wow, did they let me know what they think.

i know it's all in good fun and i asked for it but this just comes at the end of a really shitty day.

again, it's go there if you want to know how much i suck.

but don't be late for our starbucks and tennis date in the morning!


Linda said...

That lady sure seems to be filled to the tippy-top with vinegar, eh? Be proud of who you are and what your write. You rock.

...But maybe keep it to just half a glass of wine now when you're within reach of a computer...

maggie, dammit said...

Aww, dude. I'd love to tell you not to let it get to you, but I'd be a complete hypocrite so I won't. It's such a crap shoot with them. You are a good writer and a good mom and I will continue to happily click over to your blog every time it pops up in my Google Reader. Hugs to you from a blackberry-wielding welbutrin-swallowing SAHM reaching out to you from somewhere on the interstate between Wisconsin and Florida... :)

marymurtz said...

I envy the ability of people to stay at home with their kids. I wish I weren't the primary earner for our family. But I'm not cussing you out for it.

And frankly, the pointed jabs and "critique" of your writing, the helpful reminders to shut the f*ck up? If that's what is considered good writing, that's pretty sucky.

I felt that they weren't reviewing your blog, they were reviewing their skewed perception of your life through bitch-colored glasses. You asked for a review, not that shit on a shingle. Nice to skewer other people for the entertainment of their regular readers, but I didn't see much offered in the way of constructive criticism, probably because the destructive kind is so much more fun.

Screw 'em. I love you and your blog.

el said...

damn. tennis? we've been friends for twenty years and i don't remember a single game of tennis with you. have you been holding out on me bitch? but then what do i know? i don't use capitals either.

Anonymous said...

I admire your devotion to your children. Your blog has moved to the top of my list. Keep writing!!!

rents said...

She started with the premise that she hates "mommie blogs" then all she needed to do was read the profile and note the absence of capitals and she had a column all done. She never even read your blog. If she had she would have noted the servants and the BMW.

rents said...

Methinks the bitter-tongued critic was dealing more with her own issues than doing a blog review - and the lashing out reveals a person extremely unhappy with her own lot. I gotta feel bad for her.
But forge ahead, zoloft mom! Keep on inspiring and cracking us up!! We are addicted! gff

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would submit their blog to that site. They think because they use the word "fuck" over and over again that they are raised to some level of coolness that we should all aspire to. There is no real constructive or helpful information to gain from them. It takes no talent or courage to anonymously bash the content of a young mom's blog. Maybe it makes them feel better to look down the nose of others, so that they don't have to look at their own miserable lives.

Anonymous said...

I like the purity of your blog. I like how you share the private conversations and special moments with your children. It reminds me of the moments that I had with my children, who are grown now. I am currently suffering from empty nest syndrome, which is highly under-rated. I worked outside the home, but this doesn't mean that I didn't have some great times with my kids. Lately, I find myself wondering - did I really need the better car, the bigger T.V, etc., etc.? I could have spent more time with my kids.

I give your blog five stars.

Lara said...

I found you FROM their review site. I agree about the capitalization issue and the blog template, but not much else. Your "about me" might come off as whiny, but to any mom, it comes off as realistic. Whether you stay at home or not, it's stressful.

Your writing itself is fascinating. I'd play around a little to maybe repackage it slightly to make it more visually appealing (sorry, but the white template kind of bores me to tears!), but keep the content. That's what makes your blog yours.

claire f.s. said...

That's one MISERABLE bitch!

Talk about artistic liberty!
She obviously loves to think of you living in Natomas, drinking fluffy lattes all day, leisurely frolicking off to meet with your pilates trainer for another personal session while you text your bff on your pink rhinestone encrusted blackberry which you tote around in your new Coach bag.


And honey, I hate to be a wet blanket on your scorching bitch fest, but 20th st. isn't exactly Disneyland.

That's one jealous, heinous bitch!

(she's probably really ugly)

claire f.s. said...
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claire f.s. said...

now you can't ever capitalize anything, ever.

Anonymous said...

The lack of capital letters is seriously irritating. Just an fyi.

And, as someone who would love to be pregnant, love to have a baby and so far can't due to infertility, I would just say this...

I'd love to not be able to get my hair cut because my baby has me too busy. I'd love to not have time to shop for myself because of my kids.

You do have something amazing, and while I'm sure you're aware of it, I just felt like it couldn't hurt to point out how things are on the other side. I can have a career, a hot wardrobe, an edgy, frequently updated hair cute. But I can't have a baby, and that just sucks.

el again said...

you could either continue to not capitalize anything OR YOU COULD CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING! WhIcH wOuLd Be BeTtEr?

love you! love your blog! love your kids! love your super rich husband whose posh wall street job allows you to stay at home with your cuties! hahahaha!

Ross said...

I dont know, I think she liked it. Seriously. Also, I think she might want to come to your guys's church.

Sue said...

“People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty.”

Richard J. Needham

I can't say it won't hurt. It does. I can't say it won't affect you. It will.

I can say you'll gain a piece of yourself moving on from this that they won't.

Sue said...

And to the last Anonymous.. I have to say, I have a close friend who thought she would never have a baby. She was infertile (or so she thought). She would bitch at me every time I complained about my kids, or my life. Now she's got two kids of her own under the age of two (and both were premies and special needs) and she's a SAHM. It's tough. It's not something to take lightly. It might look easy-peasy-japanesy from the outside, but even if you choose to become a mother, you don't always fully comprehend the hardship of being with them 24/7, and most of that is time ALONE, with no help. Yes, it's a blessing, but don't underestimate what a SAHM does with her day.

Anonymous said...

Sue - I never in a million years would think or assume being a SAHM is easy. That wasn't my point. My point is that it has rewards, and all I can do is imagine those rewards.

I have a good friend who is a SAHM and got pregnant her second time trying, despite being a month away from 35 at the time. She recently saw my MySpace mood was adventurous and said she hadn't been adventurous in years... I point out that she had a good reason to NOT be - and she thanked me for reminding her of that, said it made her feel better.

I don't think complaining about the work involved in raising kids makes someone a bad parent - it makes you human. But whining incessantly (not saying that's what ZM is doing, either) is an unattractive trait that can make a person seem ungrateful for the children they do have. That's all.