Friday, November 23, 2007

catching you up

it has been a crazy week! rodents, turkeys... i've just had no time to blog! anway, for those who care, here are a few of the week's highlights..
tuesday was E's thanksgiving program.
this is a picture of him dressed in full turkey program finery.
seriously, does anyone understand that bow?
i peeked around and it seemed
like all the other parents thought it was adorable,
but i was just confused.

wednesday was a day off from school. E, who was still
excited from his program the day before opted to "play pilgrim" all
day long. this consisted of dressing in a tuxedo jacket, drawing
pictures (see above) of ourselves crossing the bridge to a new land
and building plymouth rock in the front yard.
we played this game all day

...except for a small break to pretend we were doggies and drink water out
of bowls on the floor.

on wednesday night i was awakened by yet another rodent.
this one was stuck in my mixing bowls.
i was, of course, disgusted but sadly wasn't that surprised.
we have officially become a rat's nest now.


on thursday i am proud to say that i got up and ran my first
5k in 10 years! since i will never show my face
on this blog (especially after running!) this photo
will serve as my proof.
(*please note: i did have a picture of my race number here
but have since deleted it. i was informed that by using that number,
one could find out all kinds of personal info about me!
and i just can't have you all knowing my secrets, can i?)

on the way to grandma's later that day K informed me that,
"mommy, i got a booger in my mouf and i eating it."
then added, "it taste wike tomato and zucchini and ONION!"
mmmmm.. delicious. (maybe that's why he didn't eat any turkey later... )

today was back to the usual. M had to work and so boys and i hung out.
i have nothing to report except that i did find out that E and his cousins DIDN'T show each other their private parts yesterday at grandmas' house even though they DID play private parts club.

oh yeah, AND hayden at school sings a REALLY funny song about his penis.

that's our week!
i'm off to bed.


Petula Wright said...

OMG... LOL!! I love the pictures and I can only imagine my little ones talking about the boogies!

Scott Ray Randall said...

I'm with you on the bows. What the hell is that all about?

Scott Ray Randall said...

Oh, also, can I please have a transcript of Hayden's song? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Nicole said...

Those bows have GOT to go. OmG! LOL That totally cracked me up. I guess I'm left feeling a bit confused as well.

Totally great blog, I'm going to be back!