Tuesday, November 27, 2007

santa skeptic

after reading the last post, M informed me that he took E to the mall today.

when E heard that santa might be there, he was insistent that M ask santa first if he was the real one.

if he was real, then E was going to talk with him about a pet and tell him a letter was on the way to his house.

but if santa said he wasn't real then E just wasn't going to waste his time.


Anonymous said...

nurse/zoloft mom....i bet e will become a santa believer if he sees some white, lighted reindeer in the yard on Christmas morning. i know a place where you can find some at the curb, and they are free.

zoloftmom said...

who are you? and how do you know my secrets? show yourself! show yourself!

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhhhhh.....there are no secrets mk