Monday, November 26, 2007

keywords again

it's time again to celebrate the keywords that have brought new readers to my site!

according to the omniscience of google analytics, many a crazy googled word has sent new friends my way this month. here are some of my favorites:

"italian slang for stupid" (i can't figure this match out, but i suspect it might have had something to do with my son's affinity for the word "stupid".)

"fat moms boys" (fat mom's boys? fat moms' boys? fat moms and boys? so many questions..)

"mom hair" (maybe this one was an image search)

"zoloft for bitches" ( as opposed to zoloft for dudes?)

then there is the slightly disturbing:

"winter gloves sewn on animal faces" (??? i have no words.)

and my favorite:

"mom pervert" (because both you and i know that i am, but i'm so glad google has figured it out as well.)


moooooog35 said...

Mine are boring this month...but you reminded me I want to write a post on it.

The funniest one for me was that I'm fifth in the results for "ass".

Yes...I'm #5 for ass.

Not sure if that's good ass or bad ass...but I'll take it just the same.

el said...

I just want you to know that when you google "grille pillow mouse fingernail", your website is #5 in the results.

I'm sure you will get lots of hits from that one.

Kone said...

Mom hair?
Do we need to have an intervention?