Monday, November 5, 2007

chill, baby, chill

i can just feel the hysteria mounting, the underpants wadding...

where is the post?!?!? why has she not written anything since (gasp!) saturday?!?!

listen up, ya'll. i have gone a little crazy and have agreed to:

1. a houseguest for two nights and
2. a soiree with 20 women in my home tomorrow night!!

so momma might not be bloggin tonight. or maybe i will. i might just do whatever i want!

but for now i've got some pubes calling my name from the base of my toilet and a little mystery smell to find before my company arrives.


Anonymous said...

Happy Pube Hunting! We miss you, but you're worth the wait!!!
LYLAS! (do people still say that???) - Amy ;o)

moooooog35 said...

..wouldn't it be nasty if the mystery smell you're chasing actually WAS the pubes?

If that happens, please make sure you do NOT tell us. We'll think so much more highly of you if you keep that to yourself.