Friday, November 2, 2007

dear zoloft mom 4

once again, fan mail friday!*

dear zoloft mom,

my small daughter is watching my bigger son go poop. she is squatting for best line of sight and cheering when one comes out. what does this mean?

grossed out


dear grossed,

uh.... that's kind of messed up. i mean, that's really disgusting.

all i can think is that your daughter must have some kind of problem or something.

zoloft mom

* to my readers: please note that all letters in "dear zoloft mom" posts are real, from actual fan mail received each week. if you have a question or problem relating to parenting and would like zoloft mom's help, write to:

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el said...


where do these people find you??? i guess there are all kinds of weirdos on the internet.