Monday, November 12, 2007

west coast cuties

what a crazy little west coast family i have.
this is what they do when it gets cold out. you know, 50 degrees.

look closely. poor little k was so excited to play "snowy time"
(did i mention it was just 50 degrees?)
but the sweet boy just didn't have a clue.
note my scarf around his neck, garden glove on left hand, slippers on the feet, old sweashirt worn as winter coat.

they think they're cold!
if only they knew how i used to have to walk 9 miles barefoot
in the west michigan snow every day for the whole winter just to get to school!

those goofy kids.

1 comment:

'rents' said...

Take your zoloft, mom. Or did I forget mine? I don't see any pictures!! gff