Tuesday, November 13, 2007


how can you just sit there at a time like this?!?!

do you not see this picture? don't you know what is happening?!?!?

i have a fucking mouse!
in my bedroom!

k dropped his bottle the other night and it rolled under my bed. apparently, it still had some milk in it. and now look! look what that horrible little creature did for a drink!

oh, how awful! how disgusting! a rodent under my bed! scurrying around beneath me while i sleep! making little nests and having babies in my hair! tunneling into my mattress and growing into a big, fat rat that eats my face!

maybe i will sleep in the bathtub. surely, he won't be able to get me there... right?


Anonymous said...

Didn't you have a little kitty on your doorstep at Halloween? By the looks of that nipple, you may want to consider a Rat Terrier!!! As far as having nests in your hair, may I suggest shaving your head?

-Amy :O

el said...

let's hope that mouse is not really a fucking mouse, or you're going to have lots of little mice soon... if you know what i mean.

Scott Ray Randall said...

Now that the mouse has learned that it can feed itself by chewing off nipples I would be VERY AFRAID if I were you...

moooooog35 said...

That nipple reminds me of the time I ran a marathon in a hurricane with a mesh shirt on.

..no amount of cortizone helped.

Anonymous said...

That is freaky! My cousins friends mothers son Jessip had rats burrow into his head at night and they made a nest! SO if i were you i would wear ear muffs at night!


Notary Public said...

Get a Rat Zappper. It will get rid of the mouse in the least disgusting way. Works everytime. I used to do sales and marketing for them. The product really works.