Monday, November 19, 2007

the end.



mj said...

so to make sure, i checked on this new thing called the world wide web, and it says that zoloft is for "treatment of ... anxiety." i think you should up your dose, mouse-freak. chillax, man.

moooooog35 said... related news...Mickey has gone missing. Children of the world are inconsolable.

...hope you're happy.

el said...

what the heck did you kill that thing with? i've seen zm vs. mouse in real life (burton house with a broom). the mouse has no chance. zm will use whatever it takes.

get 'em!

Scott Ray Randall said...

The end...or is it? How do you know that there aren't more mice around? And how are they getting into your house? I need to know. If this happens to us Liz would have my head on a stake.