Wednesday, November 28, 2007

more santa dramz

the mailman took the letter. i caught him at my mailbox looking puzzled and wondering what to do as he stared E's envelope clipped there. after my brief explanation he offered to take the letter today and return it tomorrow (with a twinkle in his eye! i love our mailman)

E was, of course, very excited that the letter had been successfully mailed. ("did he say he knew where the north pole was, mommy? does he know where santa lives?")

later in the afternoon we passed a postal vehicle with a foreign (as in, not ours) mailman inside. E was quick to notice this fact.

"hey, mommy! i just saw a post office truck but it had a different mail guy inside! that's probably because ours is at the north pole delivering our letter, huh?"

soooo.... does anyone know where i can get a cute dog for cheap?


Dave said...

just enter your zip code :)

you can also check out other leads here:

el said...

i have a dog... you can have him for free and i'll include a year's worth of free food.

what a deal! too good to be true! impossible to pass up!

Kone said...

It's called the POUND, fool.

Anonymous said...

Snakes make good pets, and a snake will help with your mouse problem!!


'rents' said...

Random thought:
big dogs= big poop
small dogs=small poop

Kone said...

Rents: You sound like my mother. Do ALL dutch people come together on this particular issue?
Small dogs = annoying little yippers.
NO CHIHAUHAS (sp?) or I refuse to visit.